7 Recommended Pre-Made Protein Shakes Brands For Your LAP-BAND Diet.

What better way to keep up with your protein intake and lifestyle pace: pre-made protein shakes. Here are 7, highly, recommended pre-made protein shakes: Pros Cons 15 grams protein 9 grams fat 3 grams carbs Dairy Protein Blend’ – Contains caseinte 160 Calories Too low in protein for full meal replacement. High variety of flavors…

Transformation Tuesday: Wendi

Wendi states that she followed the program, worked her food journal, incorporated exercise and listened to Dr. McEwen and Lauren on how to use the Lap Band as a tool. […]

Questions For Your LAP-BAND Surgeon.

You’ve done the research. You’ve learned about the pros and cons about the LAP-BAND surgery. You’ve compared weight loss procedures and which one works best for you. You’ve even talked to your insurance and understand coverage and requirements. Now, where do you get this done? Who does it in your area and are they good?

Online reputations and reviews can only tell you so much about your future bariatric surgeon, so asking the right questions during your initial consultation is very important. It’s important to understand the surgeon will be a constant part of your LAP-BAND journey, along with his team of health professionals. They will be the ones providing you with the support and necessary tools you need to stay on track both before surgery and after.

During your consultation, educate yourself beyond your internet searches. Let the surgeon tell you about the procedure, how it works, why it works, and their personal philosophy behind the LAP-BAND. If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification or a different way to explain what you’re not understanding. You’re interviewing the surgeon to perform a surgery on you, make sure you understand everything and feel comfortable. Here are some great questions we’ve been asked from successful LAP-BAND patients. […]

Transformation Tuesday: Myrna

Meet Myrna, since her first visit to our office she has lost 115 pounds. She is now able to do actual “abdominal workouts”. She states she consistently has worked on her diet habits and her weight came off slow and steady. She enjoys going to Florida, taking walks and not having to worry about carrying extra weight around and feeling uncomfortable. […]

My LAP-BAND & My Relationships.

Will my LAP-BAND affect my marriage or other relationships? In a way, yes it will. First it starts with affecting you. You will change your personal relationship with food. You’ll look at eating differently and will modify habits that led you to an unhealthy weight or continued the cycle of unhealthy weight. During this personal change you might need support from those around you. You will need to be strong enough to say, “Sorry I prefer not to eat that… but I can eat this.” or “you know I love peanut butter m&m’s, but I am trying not to have them on a regular basis anymore, Can we avoid having them in the house?”

Transformation Tuesday: Paula

In September 2016, Paula told us she was ready for a change. At 5’3 her weight peaked at 262 pounds and had a series of weight related health issues. Paula gave dieting and exercise multiple tries, hoping to lose the weight. Since her LAP-BAND placement, Paula has achieved a weight loss of 57 pounds! Her commitment and dedication has given her more time with her family, more energy, and more reasons to smile! […]

Fear of Failure.

One of the biggest road blocks for those struggling with obesity, or anyone working on their weight, is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of disappointment. Fear of health issues. Fear of being judged by others, society, and a loved one. Fear of admitting your weight is a bigger issue to you than you’ve ever let on. Fear of having no other option and being stuck in this body that doesn’t feel like yours anymore.  Fear of bariatric surgery.

We understand that fear. We understand that breaking out of comfortable but unhealthy cycle of habits can be hard. We know overcoming your fears will take time and dedication as well as commitment. We also know it takes a strong support system, and we understand that fear pushes everything aside and alienates us from anything or anyone that’s trying to help.

Fear is a huge factor that keeps potential patients from taking the first step in tackling their weight issues. How can Dr. McEwen and his team help with fear? Where do these fears come from? Why do potential LAP-BAND patients have these fears? Below are a few steps to take in overcoming your fears: […]

Transformation Tuesday: Amber (An update)

You’ve met Amber before. At the begging of 2017 we gave you peek into her LAP-BAND journey and today, Amber takes the time to share a piece of her personal knowledge and advice on her LAP-BAND system. With Dr. McEwen and his team, Amber can proudly say she’s lost 77 pounds and happily continues to work hard towards her goals! […]

LAP-BAND Surgery, a Possible Treatment for Diabetes.

It is important for us to clarify that lap band surgery will not cure your diabetes. Bariatric surgery does have the power to greatly improve your blood sugar levels and overall numbers. Improvements in blood sugar levels makes it possible for you to decrease your dependence on diabetes-related medications. While bariatric surgery is not an exclusive diabetes treatment there is a direct correlation with weight loss surgery and improvements in diabetes health issues.

LAP-BAND surgery can make a difference; patients could use less medication or none at all for TYPE 2 Diabetes or Insulin Resistance. Type I diabetes could see improvements with weight loss but Type I diabetics will always need therapy. […]

Transformation Tuesday: Debra

It’s been almost a year since Debra walked in our office. Like many of us, she was uncertain of what the LAP-BAND would do for her. Her attempts at dieting and exercising, left her disappointed. She was ready for a change. On July 2016, Debra came in ready shift her mindset and achieve her weight loss dreams. Today, she shares a piece of her LAP-BAMD journey! Congratulations Debra! […]

Recommended Frozen Meal Brands For Your LAP-BAND Diet.

Frozen meals are tricky, because you really need to know what to look for. Weight loss is different than nutrition. A big plus, however, is the ease transition into portion control. Frozen meals make it easy to follow the new portion guidelines of the LAP-BAND diet. When it comes to frozen meal brands, these are the ones we recommend: […]