Transformation Tuesday: Jessica

LAP-BAND patients don’t have to start with us their weight loss journey with us. We will have a thorough consultation with your previous LAP-BAND doctor to assure we get all your medical logistics, then we make sure we understand your goals, your journey, and where you started. Jessica came to us 8 years into her LAP-BAND journey and since, we’ve worked at providing her with the proper tools to continue her weight loss journey. Today, we’re proud to be part of Jessica’s story! 

1. Why did you choose the Lap-Band system over other bariatric treatments?

I was only 21 when I choose to get a bariatric surgery. As I was young and wanted something flexible and not very invasive. I still wanted to have children and the other surgeries available at the time were very permanent and scary to think about. The Lap-Band was just the perfect system for me.

2. What has been your biggest change since lap band surgery?

My biggest change is my confidence level and how I carry myself. Having lost so much weight it is hard to really see it sometimes because when you are that big you don’t see just how big you are. I kept one pair of pants from when I was at my largest. I can fit into one leg of them now. Also I work out. I think about what I eat. But I am also way more active, and go and do more things. It is very liberating!

3. What has been your biggest non-scale victory? (less medications, not needing a seat-belt extender on planes, more energy, etc.)

I have a few victories. One big one is that I was able to go to a theme park last year and ride every ride I wanted to! I have never really been able to do that in my adult life. It was scary at first, afraid I just wouldn’t fit into the seats. After getting on the first ride no problem I was elated and had an amazing time! Another victory is being able to shop anywhere I want for clothes. It is a new experience to not have to always look for the plus sizes. Having to go to special stores. Another victory for me was working out. I am able to run whole miles. In losing the weight and working out I have far less back and knee pain.

4. What advice would you give someone thinking about lap band surgery?

My advice would be, prepare yourself to work. It isn’t easy, but when you do it, it is amazing and worth every little fight you have to have with yourself. Know there will be set backs and times you just can’t do your best, but always try again the next day. Know that all the little changes are worth it and add up to help you change. And don’t be impatient, this change is worth it but takes time. 

Soda After LAP-BAND Surgery.

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Benefits of Supervised Weight Loss.

Supervised Weight Loss is a pre-surgery insurance requirement for most patients planning to undergo bariatric surgery. Most insurance companies require that the patient meet with a dietitian once a month in an individual or class setting to cover diet and exercise topics related to bariatric surgery. The length of supervised weight loss varies based on…

Transformation Tuesday: Rich

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Physical Intimacy (Sex) After LAP-BAND Surgery.

LAP-BAND surgery brings a world of possibilities to your life. New clothes, more energy, increased self-confidence, better health, and physical intimacy. Whether you are starting to date someone new or reconnecting with your partner, the sex-talk after LAP-BAND surgery is one we have often. Just like any other topic related to your LAP-BAND surgery it is important to set realistic expectations.
Patients can start practicing intercourse as soon as they feel comfortable. Dr. McEwen’s outpatient LAP-BAND procedure is minimally invasive though still requires patient to go under anesthesia. Because of this, we advise waiting until you are fully recovered. Everyone is different, so this will depend on your body and adherence to guidelines.

Transformation Tuesday: Rachel

3 months strong! Currently 30 pounds down, Rachel continues to embrace the LAP-BAND lifestyle and now shares a little bit of her experience. Keep up with Rachel‘s LAP-BAND life as she shares her contagious smile, weight loss progress and healthy food choices! What has been your biggest change since lap band surgery? My biggest change…

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5 Delicious Protein Shake Recipes For Your LAP-BAND.

Diet and lifestyle changes can be intimidating. Whether you are brand new to the Lap-Band or have had one for years your diet is, and always will be, important to your success. Protein shakes can be a convenient and simple way to achieve your recommended 60 grams of protein each day. It is important to choose protein shakes or protein shake powder made with whey protein as this type of protein is a “complete protein” which means it has all 9 essential amino acids. To avoid burnout with the same protein shake try out some new recipes like the 5 listed below! You can even meal-prep the recipes by putting all ingredients (minus the milk) in individual baggies to be prepped and ready for your morning! […]

Transformation Tuesday: Becky

Becky had her band placed on DAY 1, 2005. She has had her band for 12 years. She has had the normal stresses of life. She is very thankful that the band has helped her maintain her weight loss and health. She feels without the band she would have always been obese. Although she had lost 100 pounds several times before, her LAP-BAND and Dr. McEwen and his team keep her on track. […]