Thirsty Thursday

It’s hot with record temperatures. Be sure to stay hydrated. For weight loss patients who are “always hungry”: Eat Your Water When you are tired or hungry, you can overlook what the real problem may be: dehydration. It is critical to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of liquid (water) per day. As “lazy Americans”…… Continue reading Thirsty Thursday

Infertility and Weight Loss

If you are trying to become pregnant and you are more than 40 pounds over weight, it is time to focus on your health. OBESITY can affect fertility of both men and women. If you would do anything and everything to have a baby, work with a specialist to address you weight. Women who have…… Continue reading Infertility and Weight Loss

Goals or Wishes

You decide when you want to change your health and weight. No one can do it for you. Common statements: I would do anything to lose weight. (WISH) Becky made a goal in June of 2017. She took a step and came to a FREE weight loss session presented by the actual WEIGHT LOSS SURGEON-…… Continue reading Goals or Wishes

Insurance Coverage for Weight Loss

Will My Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery? Jessica Hatt, Insurance Specialist Bariatrics Insurance is the most common asked question in our practice after safety of outpatient weight loss surgery. Jessica’s answer regarding insurance coverage, “It depends on your health care plan but most will.” It is very easy to check. We are happy to call…… Continue reading Insurance Coverage for Weight Loss

Traveling after Weight Loss Surgery

Traveling after LAP-BAND surgery or weight loss surgery. Keith McEwen, MD, Community-Hamilton Bariatric Surgeon Summer vacations beckons. Dr. Keith McEwen offers tips for traveling after lap band surgery, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or Orbera. I am frequently asked, “ so how long before I get to go out to a restaurant?”. The answer varies but…… Continue reading Traveling after Weight Loss Surgery

Food Tracking Apps for Weight Loss

Smartphone Apps (iPhone® and Android®) are helping to shed calories and pounds according to digital research firms. What does that mean of any of us looking find a healthier self? Consider apps as a gift giving idea for that special someone. Lauren Harrison, RD, and Keith McEwen MD of Community Bariatric Services in Hamilton County recommend…… Continue reading Food Tracking Apps for Weight Loss

Baby or Band First

Baby or LAP-BAND® System First? Ready to be a mom? If you’re severely obese or 70 lbs. or more overweight, consider having weight-loss surgery and losing excess pounds before you conceive. Research suggests it could be a healthier choice for you and your baby.  The Lap Band is a safer, surgical option for weight loss…… Continue reading Baby or Band First